What a moving tale.



Ssea lion








I am beyond anger for our endangered species. 



I can’t believe humans are so cruel.

 It is time to let Idaho realize sentient beings will not tolerate barbaric behaviour


I asked for the person responsible for opening ID to slaughter our fellow travelers.

Don’t let them give you the run around.


Keep us Alive.

Save the Animals—For Their Sake, Not Mine.


Exposing the Big Game

On January 13th, the world lost a great poker player. Not necessarily “great” in the sense of being an internationally famous card shark—sipping martinis and playing alongside James Bond at Monte Carlo, although maybe in spirit—but teaching his kids and grandkids the fine art of winning or losing at poker was part of his being an overall great father.

Poker was just one of Dad’s many joys in life, along with drumming, drawing and painting, flying (both piloting jets in the service and private planes as a flight instructor), designing buildings, building things with his power tools, collecting and selling antique tools, puttering at the family cabin and playing the occasional game of football.

I’ll always remember what he told me about going that extra yard to receive a long bomb: “If you can touch it, you can catch it.” Dad always went the extra distance to be…

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